Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Blanket Has Been Delivered!


Today, I took our blanket to the Tree House Children's Advocacy Center in Monroe, NC.

They were so pleased to receive our blankets (I also gave them Oddball Lapghan #1). They also gave me a full tour of their facility! They are an awesome organization, and do excellent work with battered children and teens.

Our blanket has found a perfect home now. :)

Here you can see our blanket in my hands, as our Lapghan #1 is held by Pamela Caskey, the South Region Director for United Family Services in Monroe.
Oddball Lapghans Being Donated

Here we are again, in the Tree House exam room, nicely decorated with toys. The children choose a toy when they finish their physical exam. :)
Our Blankets Have a New Home

Pamela showed me one of the handmade quilts that has been donated there. The children and teens choose a blanket before they start their exam, and they get to keep the blanket forever. Pamela says that sometimes the children are clutching their blanket when they come back for a follow-up appointment. It's nice to know that our blanket will be appreciated there!
Donated Quilt in Exam Room

Monday, July 6, 2009

Woo Hoo! Time for DONATION!!

I can't believe our blanket is REALLY FINISHED!!

This past week, I added the crochet border, and now it's ready to go to the battered women's and children's shelter. WOO HOO!!

Oddball Lapghan #2 - FINISHED

Monday, March 23, 2009

Knitting is Complete! Now it's Time for a Border

Yippee!!! Last night, I finally completed all the knitting on our lapghan.
I couldn't believe it when it happened. We started our lapghan 18 months ago, in September of 2007. It has travelled from North Carolina to Canada, then to Oregon, California, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, then back to North Carolina.


Now, I just need to add a crochet border, and our blanket will be ready to be donated to a rape crisis center in North Carolina. Woo Hoo!

I took some photos of our lapghan today, by putting it on the back of my little car. It's such a beautiful sunshiny day outside, so I knew the photos would show all the colors of our lapghan nicely. :)

Lapghan #2 - Pretty!

Almost Ready to Travel

Ready for Border